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Tamilpreneur Club Referral Program


Tamilpreneur Club Referral Program is a program where you can earn money by referring a friend of yours to the Tamilpreneur Club.

Who is eligible for the Referral Program?

All the Tamilpreneur Club members are eligible for the Referral program. Not a Club member? Sign up here -

How much can I earn?

You will be getting INR 100 for each successful referral. And, there is no limit on the earning (i.e) You can refer as many people as you can and for each successful referral, we give you INR 100.

For Eg,

If you refer 20 people, you will earn INR 2000!

If you refer 200 people, you will earn INR 20,000!

But, why should my friends make me rich? 💲

Yes, we read your mind. Alright, let's work on a deal. Let's give your friends an INR 100 discount on the subscription?

Done! You will get INR 100 to your bank account and your friends will get INR 100 discount on the subscription. Our CFO will scold us, but we'll face it for you 💪 😥

I'm convinced now. How to refer?

  1. Share this link with your friends - 

  2. Ask them to enter your registered WhatsApp number in the Referral Code field which you entered while signing up for the Club.

  3. Once your friend enters your registered WhatsApp number in the Referral Code field, the price will be changed from INR 999 to INR 899.

  4. And, you will receive your referral bonus of INR 100 per successful referral by the end of the week.

How can I claim the referral bonus to my account?

By the end of every week, we will send you a link to redeem your referral bonus to your bank account. You just have to enter your account number or the UPI ID and the money will be in your account within seconds! Watch the below video walkthrough on how to claim your referral bonus.

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